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Using trained engineers and our highly experienced logistics team, MSP can assist in the smooth relocation of your UPS, batteries and electrical switchgear.

UPS Relocation

If you have a requirement for a UPS Relocation either to a different room within the same building or to a brand new location, MSP can assist you.
The relocation of a UPS involves the decommissioning, safe transportation and re-commissioning of the UPS, associated batteries and electrical switchgear. Using trained engineers and our highly experienced logistics team, MSP can assist in the smooth relocation of your UPS, batteries and electrical switchgear. Should you require assistance with the associated electrical works, we can accommodate this using one of our electrical contractor service partners.


UPS Disposal

If you have a requirement to dispose of a UPS, MSP can assist with a wide range of UPS brands.
Using trained engineers and our highly experienced logistics team, we can carry out the disposal of the UPS and associated batteries. Our engineer will ensure that the UPS is safely decommissioned ready for our logistics team to pack and palletize the UPS and batteries for transportation and disposal in line with Special Waste Regulations 1996 legislation.

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UPS Relocation & Disposal

Assessment and Planning

Before the actual relocation or disposal process begins, professional services usually perform an initial assessment. They evaluate the current setup and condition of the UPS system, then develop a comprehensive plan for its relocation or disposal, minimizing potential problems.


For both relocation and disposal, the UPS system has to be properly decommissioned. This process includes safe shutdown of the system, disconnecting all power and network connections, and ensuring that no residual energy remains that could cause harm during subsequent handling.

Packaging and Transportation

The service should offer professional packaging and transportation of the UPS system to prevent damage during the move. This often involves specialized packing materials and techniques, as well as the use of vehicles equipped for the safe transport of large, delicate electronics.

Reinstallation and Testing

If the UPS is being relocated, the service will reinstall the system at the new location. This process includes reconnecting all cables, setting up network configurations, and testing the system to ensure it's operating correctly.

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal

If the UPS is being disposed of, the service will do so in a way that complies with all relevant environmental regulations. This includes proper handling and disposal of batteries and other components that could be harmful to the environment if not processed correctly.

Documentation and Reporting

The service should provide complete documentation of the relocation or disposal process. This includes detailing how each task was performed, noting any issues that were encountered and how they were resolved, and providing receipts for disposal, if applicable. The documentation ensures transparency and accountability, and it can be important for demonstrating regulatory compliance.

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Is UPS Relocation & Disposal Worth it in 2023?

Whether UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) relocation and disposal are worth it in 2023 will depend on your specific situation, but here are some considerations:
UPS Relocation:
1.Upgrading or Moving Facilities: If you're upgrading your infrastructure or moving to a new location, UPS relocation can ensure that your critical systems maintain power supply during the move.
2.Scaling: If you are scaling your operations, you may need to relocate your UPS to better serve a larger area or more equipment.
3.Changes in Power Requirements: If your power needs change, you might need to relocate your UPS to a different part of your facility where it can be more effective.

UPS Disposal:
1.End-of-life Equipment: UPS units don't last forever. Over time, their components can wear out and their technology can become outdated.
2.Replacement or Upgrade: If you're replacing or upgrading your UPS, you'll need to dispose of the old one.
3.Reducing Environmental Impact: UPS units contain components, such as batteries, that can be harmful if disposed of improperly.

Key Benefits

  • check-markExtensive network of trained field service engineers
  • check-markUPS and batteries will be packed and palletized for safe transportation

Key Benefits

  • check-markMahavir Sys Power’s ISO procedures and certifications assure quality of service and compliance with health and safety legislation.

Key Benefits

  • check-markOut of hours relocation can be arranged to minimize any disruption to client operations
  • check-markMSP can assist with the relocation and disposal of a wide range of UPS brands

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