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Eco Struxure IT Expert is specifically designed to ensure your business’ critical load is protected by dedicated, trained personnel, even when your facility is unmanned.

How EcoStruxure IT Expert works for UPS monitoring

EcoStruxure IT Expert communicates constantly with your UPS system in order to automatically detect any error or alarm messages. In the event of an incident being detected, EcoStruxure IT Expert automatically connects with MSP’s Service Centre network via email, transmitting a status message and providing any available details relating to the fault, as well as a device identification string.


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Remote UPS Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Remote UPS monitoring provides real-time visibility into the UPS system's performance, including input/output voltages, load levels, battery status, and overall system health. This feature allows users to stay informed about the UPS's operational status and identify any potential issues promptly.

Alert Notifications

Remote UPS monitoring systems send out automated alerts and notifications in the event of critical events or abnormalities. These alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or through dedicated monitoring software, enabling users to respond quickly to any UPS-related issues or failures.

Historical Data Analysis

Remote UPS monitoring collects and stores historical data on UPS performance and power events. This feature allows users to analyze trends, identify patterns, and assess the overall reliability and efficiency of the UPS system over time. It can also help in planning for future capacity needs.

Remote Diagnostics

With remote UPS monitoring, users can remotely diagnose UPS issues and troubleshoot problems without physically being present at the UPS site. This feature often includes remote access to UPS settings, event logs, and configuration options, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.

Power Quality Monitoring

Some remote UPS monitoring systems provide power quality monitoring capabilities. This feature enables users to monitor the quality of incoming power, including parameters such as voltage fluctuations, frequency variations, harmonics, and power factor. Power quality monitoring helps identify issues that may affect the UPS's performance or the sensitive equipment connected to it.

Reporting and Analytics

Remote UPS monitoring systems typically offer reporting and analytics features to generate comprehensive reports on UPS performance, power events, and energy usage. These reports can provide valuable insights into system efficiency, identify opportunities for energy savings, and assist in capacity planning and optimization.

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Is Remote UPS Monitoring Worth it in 2023?

Here are some reasons why remote UPS monitoring might be worth considering:
1.Proactive maintenance and replacement: A remote UPS monitoring service can provide real-time data about the health and performance of your UPS.
2.Immediate alerts: If there is a power outage, surge, or other issue, a remote monitoring service can send immediate alerts to the appropriate personnel. This can allow for faster response times and reduce the impact of any power-related issues.
3.Data analysis: Many remote monitoring services offer data analysis features.
4.Peace of mind: With a remote UPS monitoring service, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your critical systems and data are protected against power-related issues.


  • check-markDedicated KUP Support Centre – Manned 24/7/365 to ‘collect, assess and respond.’
  • check-markCombined with a maintenance contract, EcoStruxure IT Expert improves service levels, enabling engineer to arrive onsite with the correct spares
  • check-markComplete assurance of continuous availability
  • check-markYour fully customizable solution
  • check-markInstallation and maintenance of your power surveillance system


  • check-markContinuous monitoring and management of your UPS
  • check-markIdeal for mission-critical systems and unmanned sites
  • check-markAlarm-triggered interrogation of UPS parameters for remote diagnosis
  • check-markPrevention and early fault detection


  • check-markStandard SMTP email connectivity through one way communication with no additional firewall access or configuration required
  • check-markReal-time email notification sent in response to alarm/critical events directly to KUP Support Centre
  • check-markMonthly UPS Status Report detailing trends and alarms
  • check-markOptional Battery Monitoring via UPTIME+– measuring battery discharge, temperature and humidity levels to help prevent battery failure.

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