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A micro data center, also known as a modular or edge data center, is a compact and self-contained facility that provides computing power and storage capabilities in a smaller space.

These secure enclosures contain racks, UPS, power, cooling, and management software to support essential IT components.

Compared to traditional data centers, micro data centers are much smaller, fitting into a single rack or enclosure. This makes them portable and suitable for deployment in remote or edge environments.

With sizes ranging from a single rack to a 40-foot shipping container, micro data centers bring computing power closer to where data is generated and consumed.

They are deployed in locations that require localized processing and storage due to low latency, high availability, or regulatory compliance needs.

Cost of Developing a Micro Data Center

The cost of developing a micro data center can vary based on factors like size, capacity, features, location, and project requirements. Please note that the following estimates are approximate and actual costs may vary.

1] Infrastructure Costs: This includes physical components like enclosures, cooling systems, power distribution units, cabling, and security measures.
2] IT Equipment Costs: This covers servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other necessary hardware.
3] Power and Cooling Costs: Proper power and cooling infrastructure are crucial for micro data centers. Costs depend on equipment efficiency, local electricity rates, and cooling needs.
4]Networking Costs: The cost of networking equipment depends on deployment size and desired capabilities.

At MAHAVIR SYS POWER , we offer cost-effective and reliable micro data centers for edge computing. Our solutions enable faster and more efficient data processing, bringing computing resources closer to end-users or data sources.
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