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MSP’s trained service engineers can be on hand to monitor your UPS systems during your annual IST (Integrated System Testing ) Black Building Testing.

Black Building Testing.

Black Building tests are normally carried out to test for high availability, performance, business continuity plans and recovery capabilities in a disaster-like scenario. For example, Integrated System Testing will result in the electrical power to the entire building being shut off imitating a street power outage.
Black building tests tend to be carried out to test one of the following:

Simulate a total power failure – leading to a complete power shut-down in a facility.
Test the functionality of generators, simulating a total (external) power outage, replaced by generator-provided energy.
This does not touch any equipment except generators, thus not causing any disruption to systems.


Why Integrated System Testing is Test Important?

Equipment loss of power can result in compromised:

  • Safety
  • Product and equipment protection
  • Comfort
  • Staff convenience

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Integrated System Testing

System-Wide Testing

Integrated System Testing (IST) tests the entire system as a whole, rather than individual components or modules. This ensures that all parts of the system work together as expected, providing a comprehensive view of the system's performance.

Real-World Scenarios

IST simulates real-world usage and operation conditions. This allows testers to identify and rectify issues that might only appear under these conditions, improving the final user experience and the system's overall reliability.

Data Integrity Checks

IST verifies that data remains accurate and consistent as it passes through and interacts with different parts of the system. This is crucial for systems that handle sensitive or critical data.

Interdependency Verification

Integrated System Testing helps to ensure that different components or subsystems work together as they should. This includes checking that interfaces between different parts of the system work correctly, that data flows smoothly between different components, and that changes in one area don't negatively affect other areas.

Performance Evaluation

IST assesses the system's performance under various loads and stresses, which can help to identify any potential bottlenecks or areas of weakness. This type of testing often includes stress, volume, and load testing.

Regression Testing

As part of IST, regression tests are often conducted to ensure that changes or fixes in one part of the system have not introduced new problems elsewhere. This helps to maintain the system's stability and consistency over time, ensuring that improvements in one area don't negatively impact others.


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Is Integrated System Testing Worth it in 2023?


As of 2023, integrated system testing remains a critical step in the software development and deployment process.
1.Identify Interface Issues: Integrated system testing can identify issues at the interfaces between different system components.

2.System-level Validation: It validates that the system as a whole functions correctly and meets its intended purpose and requirements.
3.Performance Assessment: It allows for testing the performance of the system as a whole, which could be different from the performance of individual components.
4.Fault Detection: Integrated system testing can identify problems that only appear when components interact, such as issues with data exchange, synchronization, or coordination between components.

Key Benefits

  • check-markFully documented, procedures ensuring full traceability of all test events and actions

Key Benefits

  • check-markMSP offers skilled and qualified engineers to attend site during the test period to monitor the UPS systems
  • check-markMahavir Sys Power’s ISO procedures and certifications assure quality of service and compliance with health and safety legislation.

Key Benefits

  • check-mark‘Safe Method of Work’ covering the Power Down and Power Up of a UPS and/or Generator

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