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Industrial Solutions
  MGE Galaxy 3500
Compact three phase power protection with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments.
Performance power protection for critical applications
MGE Galaxy 3500 offers centralized 3 phase power protection with the reliability of the MGE product family. Ideal for commercial and technical facilities as well as industrial applications, the MGE Galaxy 3500 includes dual-mains input, automatic and maintenance bypasses, and scalable runtime with hot-swappable batteries for increased availability. The parallel capability for redundancy and capacity, new optional bypass panels, and extended run battery frames provide increased flexibility. Low cost of ownership is achieved through best-in-class efficiency and a reduction in rating of electrical infrastructure - wires, transformers, and generators.
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  MGE Galaxy 5000
State-of-the-art three phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications
Designed for Maximum Configuration
MGE Galaxy 5000 offers technology that increases performance and reliability. Online technology fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances. The upstream harmonics management allows a generator friendly installation and flexible configurations for even the most demanding designs. The MGE Galaxy 5000 offers features such as paralleling capability for both capacity and redundancy, full front access, included start up for ease of serviceability, user friendly graphical display with multiple language options, and SNMP with network based power management options. All these features make the Galaxy 5000 one of the easiest UPS's in its class to manage and maintain.
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  MGE Galaxy 7000
Performance 3 phase power protection with high adaptability to meet the unique requirements of medium to large data centers, buildings and mission critical environments
Power efficiency for business continuity
The MGE Galaxy 7000 is the latest addition to the MGE Galaxy UPS family, providing secured power solutions for medium to large data centers. The MGE Galaxy 7000 is flexible / adaptable through its robust IGBT rectifier/inverter design with all types of real world loads (inductive, capacitive with no de-rating of active power). This transformer-less based UPS system maximizes the system efficiency up to 94.5%, keeping valuable operational costs low (energy savings) while providing highest power quality to mission critical loads. MGE Galaxy 7000 includes features and options that continue solve customer needs including flexibility to grow/expand power requirements with N+ 1 parallel/redundant modules with several choices including: Isolated redundant, Integrated Parallel, and by Centralized Static Switch making the MGE Galaxy 7000 a leader with high availability architectures for mission critical environments.
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B9000FXS 60-300kVA 3ph/3ph
B9000FXS combines management of THD and power factor, low cost of ownership and power protection in a highly reliable solution guaranteed by the most advanced technology.
  • Low THDi (<3%) and power factor performance enhance compatibility with input mains and generators
  • Double conversion topology offers protection for every application
  • High efficiency (certified TÜV NORD) reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Accurate Battery Management (ABM)
  • Parallel systems for redundancy or capacity increasing
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  Filters & Harmonic Conditioners
Total management of harmonics and power factor correction for installations up to 1000kVA reducing total cost of ownership
By neutralizing harmonics, SineWave eliminates nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and premature aging of equipment. SineWave is extremely compact and can be mounted on a wall or installed in a switchgear cubicle. It can also be connected in parallel, allowing future increase in power demand without disconnecting the supply. SineWave adapts automatically to any single-phase or three-phase load.
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